Using my iPhone as a webcam with Continuity Camera

I finally updated my work Macbook to Ventura. The only reason why I wanted to risk breaking my local dev environment is that I grabbed Belkin's iPhone mount with MagSafe for desktops and displays (that's quite a mouth full, but it's how they named it). It's a bit pricey (€45) for what is basically a magnet, but it fits fine on top of my LG screen. Better than my current external webcam, which created a small notch.

I haven't used it in a real meeting yet, but I bought the accessory to use the new Continuity Camera feature of my iPhone. It basically let's you use your iPhone as a webcam, the Belkin mount makes it possible to easily add it and remove from the top of a screen.

I tried out the Continuity Camera feature in the settings of Slack and the most amazing thing for me is the possibility of having the camera always center people in the frame. That's just magical. Next to that there are the options to enable portrait mode and studio lights. Which makes things a little smoother.

I guess a downside is: I'm not able to use my iPhone during a call. Perhaps this can also be seen as a positive point, since I won't be easily distracted while playing with my phone. Anyway, I'll be testing this feature starting on Monday. Let's see how it handles my crappy wifi connection in my office.